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Active and passive job seekers are ‘shopping’ for their next role. They choose companies that most represent their values and their goals.

We use data-backed creative strategies and untapped media to attract new employees. And, it works.

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    Employer Branding and Talent Attraction Services

    Clever Samurai™ is a strategy-first marketing and communications consultancy. Our Employer Branding group collaborates with private and public sector clients on talent attraction, retention and employee communications. We work with clients in health care, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, food services, mining, utilities, technology, engineering and more.


    More engaged applicants

    More than 1 in 3 recruitment campaign landing page visitors took action*


    More qualified applicants

    Annual increase in applicants for skilled trade positions*


    Faster talent recruiting

    Annual increase in hiring pace from successful recruitment marketing campaign to address qualified worker shortage*

    *These stats are from our clients’ talent attraction campaigns.

    Campaigns that Attract & Retain Talent

    Recruiting Registered Nurses

    Facing unprecedented talent shortage challenges, this community healthcare company re-positioned its nursing roles to enable employees to achieve work-life balance.

    Solving Problems Together

    In one of the most competitive hiring markets, this engineering firm needed to win over applicants with a unique approach to company culture marketing.

    Uniting for Workforce Attraction

    An incredibly complex and diverse market crucial to Canada’s economy necessitated a well-researched and united digital marketing strategy.


    Customized Marketing Campaigns to Attract the Right Talent

    Our collaborative process will help you build and tell your best story. Why would someone want to work for your organization? Great talent has choices and marketing to them to align with their values, lifestyle and aspirations means they may choose you.

    You're in Good Company

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Clever Samurai™ is a strategy-first marketing and communications consultancy. We work with our clients on a broad range of challenges, including recruitment marketing. This gives us good perspective on our clients’ businesses and how talent intersects with their strategies.

    Our Employer Branding group has been helping private and public sector clients with talent attraction, retention and employee communications since 1997. Over the years we have partnered with the federal government on attraction for entire industries (e.g. mining, auto manufacturing, tourism, railway), worked on Indigenous peoples campaigns and more. We’ve learned a great deal about what makes for successful recruitment marketing. We continue to learn as the market evolves.

    We believe that effective employer branding is about connecting with people where they are. We live in a time where people have increased access to information and opportunities. It is critical that organizations know how to attract and engage talent to ensure they can compete for the best talent. Better employer branding enables employers to be more selective when screening candidates and more selective in whom they hire. The result is better employees and a better experience for the job seeker. In the end, recruitment marketing is about results based on the right set of activities; including the quality of candidates hired, retention and what does the future candidate funnel look-like.

    Best-in-class recruitment marketing campaigns supercharge typical channels and add a wide stream of qualified candidates by marketing through a diverse range of non-typical job recruiting media. Tapping into off-channels or alternate channels for recruitment marketing expands the pool of potential candidates exponentially to include active and passive job seekers. Our proprietary recruitment marketing process has four elements to it; central is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and the creative that conveys it. By developing a unique, compelling and unifying EVP, companies are able to communicate the value of their company to both potential and current employees.

    In today’s competitive labour market, candidates can choose who they work for. It’s a candidate-driven job market, which means it is more challenging than ever for companies to recruit and hire a qualified workforce. Talent acquisition has historically been an under-valued part of the HR function, and as a result, talent acquisition teams end up spending much of their time creating sourcing campaigns that don’t win.

    Recruitment marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for organizations looking to attract, engage and convert passive job seekers into active candidates. Companies employing recruitment marketing techniques can generate three times more applicants, generate 10% more revenue, and a whopping 100% higher applicant close rate than those who don’t.

    To attract top talent, recruiters must consider that job seekers are also ‘shoppers’ who shop for the best fit, the best value and the best employer brand. Therefore, recruiters must be consumer relevant and more effective with their marketing efforts. According to the Monster study about recruiting, more than 90% of candidates start their job search online and spend up to 4 hours researching potential employers before providing their resume. And this is just the beginning. During the interview process, candidates are also researching the employer brand to make sure that it aligns with their values and expectations.

    This shift has led many companies to become more strategic with employer brand messaging, recruitment marketing, hiring practices and management of their careers page. Online activities are critical as potential employees search keywords, visit company websites, follow social media accounts, read reviews, go to corporate LinkedIn pages, click on relatable digital ad campaigns, visit career pages, familiarize themselves with employer branding messaging, consider employee referrals and more. This gives them a picture of a prospective employer’s culture, the career opportunities and all the benefits a company provides.

    Offline programs like employee referral campaigns, on-campus recruiting, career fairs and traditional advertising (TV, radio, OOH) are also often integrated into recruitment marketing and talent acquisition strategies.

    The best recruitment marketing agencies know how to craft an Employer Value Proposition (EVP), translate that into creative executions and execute multi-channel talent attraction campaigns. Critical is how the EVP dovetails with the broader business positioning and how the employee-promise links to service delivery, with the best recruitment marketing agencies often having wider brand marketing experience. Clever Samurai™ has a strategy team, creative services, digital marketing and analytics capabilities to plan, create and execute successful recruiting marketing campaigns and develop a strong employer brand.

    An employer brand can be one of the most important assets that a company has. No matter the size or sector, the employer brand is a key part of recruitment marketing. In fact, 73% of employers list company culture as their number one recruiting priority and recent research from the University of Waterloo shows that people who work at companies with a positive employer brand are also more engaged in their work and more likely to recommend their employer to others.

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